Mission Statement


“God planted the vision for Dream City in our hearts when it seemed unattainable. We desire to impact not only the church, but the world, through arts and the media. We believe God can use music and inspirational productions to impact souls.” – Bert Petkau

Dream About New Music
Started by Bert Petkau and continued on through his son Chris and others, the mission of Dream City is to provide a constant source of new media and news pertaining to Christian music. Anything from new music, album release dates, to interesting articles and interviews. A source for new music of all genres.

Dream About Creative Artists
We seek to post every form of music from mainstream radio to underground up-and-comers, from new worship hits to genres of all kinds. We value genuine honesty, originality, and creative expression. We want to cover all Christian music with a specific focus on new musicians. We live and breathe new quality music.

Dream About Community
Church Community
Our goal is to serve and contribute to the church in any way we can. We do not stand by any specific denomination but consider all believers part of “the church”.
Music Community
It is important to us to support Christian Artists, that why every post we make we try to add some time of link to itunes, amazon, etc even if its a free song. If you like a new artist you find on this website please support the artist!
Online Community
We also want to facilitate a place for online community, where comments and opinions can be shared under each video. A place where if you find something interesting you can immediately post on facebook, twitter or through any other vehicle to share and let others hear an interesting perspective in an interview or a song that helped you get through that day or you just think is dope. Each blog post welcomes individual opinions and perspectives. If it’s cool, comment that it’s cool, if it’s lame, comment that it’s lame. The goal is to create the feedback loop within the Christian Music community.