“Broken Lines” – Foreverlin Band

“Broken Lines” music video from Foreverlin Band. “Broken Lines” is a beautiful that is sure to resonate with your soul. It is about strong lifelong friendships that keep us going even in the hardest times of life. The music video tells a story of the history of a group of friends who stay friends throughout the ages, and though they grew old, their relationships with one another stayed strong.  It reminds  me of not only the friendship we have with people who are closest to us but also the relationship we find in God. “Broken Lines” starts, “Sit close, we’ll talk as daylight disappears, We’ll share our stories one by one, No need to skip over the hurts and fears, Let’s share the things we both hide behind” The honesty and transparency in this song is rare and encouraging and much needed in the Christian Community.

Foreverlin Band  is a Christian rock band who have been acclaimed for their rawness, transparency and passion. They are considered as the new breed of Christian artist that are far from today’s typical contemporary Christian artist. Check out their two albums on iTunes “Long Lost” and “Per Sempre”.