Bumps INF – Testimony a Musicians Story

Check out the interview/testimony of Christian rapper Bumps INF which is a compilation of different songs, interviews of Bumps, and a narration of his story.

In this very personal testimony the Cleveland, Ohio spitter signed to God Over Money shares his story. The artist growing up didn’t know Christ till later in his life and met many struggles before and even after meeting Christ. His first experience with God was when his grandmother gave him a bible before passing away. He grew up as one of the few white kids in his neighborhood and moved around a lot growing up. His parents smoked crack and popped pills which was happening almost under his nose as a child. Bumps got married at 19 and after getting saved Bumps relationship with God started to affect his marriage. The two began to grow apart and divorced 5 years after being saved. Now Bumps INF raps for the glory of God to let everyone know what God has done for him.

His latest album Man vs. Machine dropped this last February listen to his powerful testimony and then get the album.