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Th3 Saga battles Shotgun Suge

“Look at me while I save you.” – Th3 Saga

In the URL Rookies Vs Veterans edition we had a David and Goliath situation go down.

In the above video rookie Christian battle rapper Th3 Saga recaps his battle with secular gangster rapper veteran Shotgun Suge...

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Murs Opinion on CHH (Part 2 Rapzilla Interview)

“The good thing about Christian rap is I probably wont get beat up or shot for saying this” – Murs

Part 2 of Rapzilla’s interview with secular artist Murs is here. He gets a little more real in the second half of the interview...

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Murs Opinion on CHH (Interview)

I had to post this it kind of cracked me up. Mur’s (secular rapper signed to Strange Music started up by TechN9ne) shares his thoughts with Rapzilla on the Christian Rap scene...

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