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“Episode 100” – David Thulin

David Thulin gives us another wonderful hour long episode of Christian EDM remixes. Check out Episode 100 of the Reconstruction Radio. This episode celebrates two years of the Reconstruction Radio. It is a high energy episode that  features some of the hottest Christian music out today...

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“It’s Not Over” – AJ Mora

Check out this awesome Christian techno/house song, new from DJ AJ Mora. AJ is an Electronic Dance Music pioneer based out of LA who has traveled the world making Christian EDM.  Originally from Costa Rica, and lived in L.A...

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Global Dance Mission 289 – AJ Mora

Check out the set from Global Dance Mission brought to you today by AJ Mora in LA, California. AJ has traveled doing his music in countries all over the world like Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Australia, Japan, Dominican Republic, South and Central America, Canada and Taiwan.

Songs from the s...

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The Reconstruction Episode 094

David Thulin drops episode 094 of his series “The Reconstruction,” a mix of hot new electronic dance music for Christians. David’s goal is to bridge the sounds of the club with the spirit of the church...

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“Episode 12” – DeepLife (EDM Podcast)

Deeplife has given us a new mix featuring tracks from from Paranoid, Panda Eyes & Teminute, Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth, Jay Fay & Jonthan Kane, More Plastic, Oskar Arvidsson, Axtronight and Ravolution. Every month Deep Life Records drops a new 1 hour music podcast of some of the hottest EDM out there...

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“Touch The Sky Remix” – Hillsong (Song Remix)

Hillsong United has just recently released the new single “Touch The Sky” off their upcoming album “Empires,” and now its gets the remix treatment. Vancouver artist sXw gives the new Christian Worship a Tropical House sound which takes the already hot track to the next level.

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“Mystery ” – Chris Howland aka Audicid (Sneak Peak)

House, Electro, Techno, Trance producer Chris Howland gives us a sneak peak to his new track “Mystery.” Chris believes music is a powerful tool, not to be wasted. Going by his alias Audicid, Chris is signed to Deeplife Records and is always in the studio making music...

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“Spring 2015” – AJ Mora (Spring Mix)

Spring is here and DJ AJ Mora has given us a mix to get it started right. AJ is an Electronic Dance Music pioneer based out of LA who has traveled the world making Christian EDM. The Christian DJ has many projects on iTunes, check this mix out then get one!

“Although there are Christian brands of e...

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“The Way I Feel” – Chris Howland (Single)

Check out this smooth house track from Chris Howland. DeepLife describes the track as “Chris Howland returns with another wonderful cut of deep house music...

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