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“Episode 12” – DeepLife (EDM Podcast)

Deeplife has given us a new mix featuring tracks fromĀ from Paranoid, Panda Eyes & Teminute, Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth, Jay Fay & Jonthan Kane, More Plastic, Oskar Arvidsson, Axtronight and Ravolution. Every month Deep Life Records drops a new 1 hour music podcast of some of the hottest EDM out there...

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“Crowns and Thorns (Oceans)” – KB

Check out this new track “Crown and Thorns (Oceans)” off of KB’s upcoming album “Tomorrow We live.

Not gonna lie to you guys I’m not sure if this one works for me. Reach Records artist KB starts off his new track “Crown and Thorns” with the famous Hillsong “Oceans” song sampled...

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