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“Who Do You Say I Am?” – Pas Neos

“Who Do You Say I Am?, is a journey through successive events in the life of Jesus as detailed in the gospel accounts, undergirded by pulsing, synth-tinged indie rock.” – Pas Neos

Pas Neos from Forerunner music has posted a video on youtube allowing us to hear snippets from his sophomore effort “Wh...

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Open Up Let the Light In” – Steffany Gretzinger (Live Performance)

Steffany Gretzinger sings the song “Let the Light In” accompanied by Hunter Thompson and Amanda Cook at Bethel Church. Steffany leads the congregation into a spontaneous intimate worship experience in this video...

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I Put On Christ – Laura Hackett Park (Free Download)

Check out the new track “I Put On Christ” from IHOP’s very own Laura Hackett Park. This song has a worship/rock feel, almost seems like something you could worship to, go for a run to, or play video games to lol. The song is based on Ephesians 6:10 “putting on the armor of God...

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“Inspire” – Inspire Church (Behind the Music)

Inspire Music behind the scenes interview with Cindy, one of the worship leaders,  discusses the making of the album Inspire. In this interview Inspire Church discuses how they felt from God that their music would reach the world way before they created this album...

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“Wild Love” David Vallier (Album Out Now!)

Morningstar Ministries, from Charlotte, NC, has returned with a new album “Wild Love.” Morningstar has released a TON of prophetic worship cd’s but this one is a little bit different. As David Vallier said, (the writer of the title track) “This song is about my generation and all the runaways...

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