“Flawless” – MercyMe

MercyMe releases a music video for their song “Flawless”. In the music video, MercyMe uses the illustration of paint that has been splattered all over the band, coming off of the band to communicate that no matter what we think about ourselves “the cross has made us flawless”. It is an inspirational video that reminds us no matter what we believe about ourselves god sees us as perfect and spotless.

“Flawless”is from the album “Welcome To The New” that came out late February of this year, by Christian praise & worship band MercyMe that was founded in 1994. Founded in Greenville, Texas, MercyMe indepentdantly released six albums before signing with a record label. In 2001 they signed with INO Records and boomed in popularity, releasing one of the most well know contemporary christian songs to date “I Can Only Imagine”.