“I Will Know Him” – Pacific Gold (New Single)

“I Will Know Him” is a single off of Pacific Gold‘s New Album “Sing My Welcome Home.” The Christian Album “Sing My Welcome Home” is a collection of modernized or repurposed hymns. The Christian Indie band, Pacific Gold is a band from Seattle, Washington. They were formerly known as Wayfarer, until they changed their name to Pacific Gold. This Christian Indie band likes to take  lyric sets from old long forgotten hymns and composed new chords, melodies and arrangements to them. “Sing My Welcome Home” is now available for preorder and the album will release March 24th 2015. Pacific Gold is offering their fans with every preorder an immediate download of their new song “Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul”

Pacific Gold puts a new twist on “I Will Know Him” a seemingly long forgotten hymn and brings it back to life in this modern rendition.