“In Between” – Beartooth (Music Video)

“In Between” music video, just out from Beartooth‘s first full length album “Disgusting”. “In Between” has a raw and hardcore sound with a well produced electronicore. It is a passionate song about the struggle you feel when you are in the valleys of life. The song brings hope and encouragement, while connecting with almost every difficult emotion that is felt in the valley. Beartooth is signed to Red Bull Records. Shortly after signing, in 2013, Beartooth made their debut EP, Sick, and then came back in 2014 to give us their first full-length album, “Disgusting.”  Caleb Shomo is the vocals and the writer and “In Between” is a description of one of the many emotions Caleb felt while writing the album “Disgusting”. “The entire record, front to back, is literally a reflection of my thoughts and my mental well-being at the time.” – Caleb Shomo.