“Tower Ivory” – J. Han

Check out this new 13 track christian hip hop, r&b and rap album, from J. Han, “Tower Ivory”. Also Check out his new music video “Chasing nothing”. “Tower Ivory” features artist like Sam Ock,  Gowe, NAK, Mickey Cho and John Givez. These artist are on the same label with J. Han. The album is about life’s journey,  and how the journey is just as important as the destination. It mixes hip hop with traces of gospel, blues and jazz.

“Chasing Nothing” is a powerful music video with a strong message, about the vain pursuit of life. How it brings us no joy or happiness and actually means nothing at all. In this music video J. Han talks about how we are but a speck in eternity, and that the things that the world tells you to pursue, like cars. money and clothes are like chasing nothing at all.